Kitchen Masterclass May2 | MHK Kitchen Experts

Brilliant Kitchen Showroom Design Hacks

Until you deliver and install a customers kitchen, your product is effectively your design and drawings.

In this Kitchen Business Masterclass we will be discussing HOW to win the sale with a memorable kitchen design.

As always, the session will be hosted by Darren Summerfield, editor of KBB Focus and ‘KBB Hero of the year’. 

Kitchen Business Masterclass

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Special guest during this session is Memuna Ismail Head of Kitchen Design at Haus Inside, who is producing the best kitchen designs and kitchen images we have seen. 

Thursday May 26th at 4.30 pm

Topics for discussion:

The seemingly small details in a design are the difference between ‘good’ and ‘exceptional’. Discerning homeowners do notice and appreciate such things. 

✔ Details matter and they are noticed consciously or subconsciously

✔ You product is a design before it’s a kitchen

✔ Demonstrate you have thought of everything and how that care will be repaid

Darren Summerfield | MHK Kitchen Experts

Darren Summerfield

Editor of KBB Focus and ‘KBB hero of the year’

Memuna 3 500 500 | MHK Kitchen Experts

Memuna Ismail

Head of Kitchen Design at Haus Inside

Paul Wheeler 1 | MHK Kitchen Experts

Paul Wheeler

MHK UK National Sales Director

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Kitchen Masterclass May | MHK Kitchen Experts