Island kitchen designs prove the most popular choice of kitchen layout, ideal for creating multi-purpose, social kitchen settings. Where space permits, a kitchen island forms a luxurious yet practical statement for the home, equally suited for preparing family meals, as much as for gathering round with friends and entertaining!  But just as every person is different, so too is every kitchen island!  Available in all shapes, styles and sizes, the success of a kitchen island design lies in careful planning to ensure a fully tailored space that best meets the needs of the family it is to cater for.

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Do you have space for a kitchen island?

When thinking about a new kitchen island it is important to first consider if you have space for one!  Every setting is different in terms of size and shape, but there are other factors which influence design too, such as the number of household occupants and each of their different needs. But as a rule of thumb, the recommended clearance required between the front edge of a kitchen island and opposing run of units is 1m. This is the ideal for safely working and moving around a kitchen island, as well as for allowing opposing doors, drawers and appliances to open clear of each other.

Working Kitchen Islands

Once you have established you have space for it, you next need to think about the different ways in which you would like to use your new kitchen island.  If you want it to serve as a workstation then you need to consider technical requirements such as how to connect water feed and waste pipes for a sink, or ventilation for a hob and extractor. Also, if it is a working kitchen island which includes seating, is the seating area far enough away from the ‘cooking’ zone of the island? This is particularly key for parents of young children. Aesthetic considerations are also important at this early stage, for example, do you really want to include a sink on the island, which could regularly pile with dishes and spoil your new kitchen’s main feature?!

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Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Multi-purpose kitchen islands can offer additional storage, which is easily accessible; this includes the option for open, decorative storage, built into the island itself. And aside from food preparation and cooking, kitchen islands offer additional worktop space within the kitchen used for working, helping with homework, or catching up at the end of the day over a well-deserved glass of wine! If you picture using your island in such ways, then you need to factor this into your design from the early stages.  So whether this means an adjoining kitchen table or stylish breakfast bar, work with the Kitchen Experts to help you achieve the look, style and comfort that’s exactly right for both your home and family.