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David and Paul gave me an enormous amount of advice on choosing the right suppliers and as a new business, I was able to obtain open-ended credit. Torben Schmid Torben SchmidOwner As a kitchen contract specialist, MHK-UK’s open ended credit facility means I can order whatever I need – when I need it and with early settlement at 30 days. Inga Katsiashvili / Moxy Design Inga Katsiashvili / Moxy DesignOwner Paying MHK-UK at 30 days – with settlement and in one single payment for all invoices due, has reduced administration time, allowing me to spend more time on growing the business. Tony Morel / Ridgeway Kitchens Tony Morel / Ridgeway KitchensOwner MHK – UK’s advice on which suppliers to work with has enabled us to grow from one to 3 showrooms. The annual bonus we receive is significant and made in two payments across the year. Paul Douglas / Classique Kitchens Paul Douglas / Classique KitchensOwner Previous Next

About MHK-UK

MHK – UK is part of the MHK Group, a Europe wide organisation that works in partnership with over 3,500 kitchen retailers across 9 countries.

MHK – UK upholds the groups mission which is to help its independent retail partners grow and expand through the benefit of broad, to include kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories, instant credit terms as well as additional support in the form of business planning, marketing and logistics.

The most credible accolade for any business is that of a happy customer base; this is something that MHK-UK prides itself on.

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Marcel Crezee

Managing Director Export

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Paul Wheeler

MHK UK National Sales Director

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David Morris

Sales Manager UK

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