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Our goal is to develop your company into the number 1 on site! To achieve this, MHK forms the interface between potential customers and you and turns the individual points of contact into an experience. We also offer many years of targeted, industry-experienced support as well as personal support and advice in all areas of business life and a seal of quality that is easily recognisable: the red triangle.


We support our partners in their online and offline presence with customised advertising and marketing concepts. Targeted advertising gives you the opportunity to reach more customers and thus increase the frequency in your shop – because we rely on you as a “local hero”!

Comprehensive and personalised consulting

MHK UK offers you a wide range of consulting and support services so that your company can react quickly and flexibly to market challenges at all times and you can better assess your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s business consulting and on-site support or legal advice – you can rely on us.

Attractive conditions, favourable prices

By bundling the more than 3,800 kitchen and furniture shops and bathroom specialists of the MHK Group, you benefit from attractive conditions and favourable purchase prices from our suppliers in the areas of kitchen and bathroom furniture, electrical appliances and accessories. In addition, all MHK UK partners take part in the payment settlement scheme. This makes your work easier and also guarantees a high credit rating vis-à-vis suppliers, service providers and banks with a 100 % del credere assumption.