Kitchen Trends 2022- Discover the Latest & Best New Kitchen Design Trends!

Bauformat Black Metallic Kitchen | MHK Kitchen Experts

When it comes to expected kitchen trends for 2022, homeowners ultimately want style, luxury and comfort rolled into an ergonomically sound design; and never before has there been so much choice for affording this within the home! Additionally, platforms like Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest bring inspiring ideas at the click of a button! Modern kitchens […]

Ideal Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

Kitchen Storage | MHK Kitchen Experts

When it comes to designing your kitchen, ensuring that the optimal amount of storage is included is vital. Not only can a lack of cupboards or drawers be impractical, but it can make your otherwise beautiful kitchen rendered useless. For those with larger spaces to work with, there is a plethora of different ways in […]

Premium German Kitchens – How To Tell What’s Truly ‘Premium’

Premium German Kitchens

Hear, ‘Premium German Kitchens’ and this phrase immediately evokes ideas of highly luxurious kitchen designs at the top end of the market. But whilst many German kitchen manufacturers (and there’s lots of them) will tell you they are premium, many (just like their British counterparts) actually operate at lower parts of the market. So how […]