Modern kitchen design trends and the challenges of planning a new kitchen in 2022

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Modern kitchen design trends: Open, closed kitchen spaces …or both? When it comes to modern kitchen design trends, few modern kitchens are still designed as a self-contained room. Instead, the last few years have shown a clear trend towards open living, with kitchen and living areas together in one shared space.  Generally, the kitchen is […]

Why A Personalised, Practical Kitchen Design Is Key To Loving Your New Kitchen!

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Prioritising Practical Kitchen Design Whilst any new kitchen should be attractive in looks, equally, and if not more important is that a kitchen is highly practical. Otherwise, no matter how attractive your furniture, or how high-tech your new kitchen appliances are, a poor and impractical layout will mean your brand-new kitchen very quickly loses its […]

Kitchen Design: How to plan the best kitchen layout

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Achieving the Best Kitchen Layout Looking for the best kitchen layout? …The main objectives for any new kitchen design are to accomplish a pleasing aesthetic within a kitchen that functions smoothly, facilitating your everyday needs and uses. Achieving this goal is largely dependent on effecting an appropriate and efficient kitchen layout.  This will benefit yourself, […]

10 Great Reasons to Choose A Two-Tone Kitchen Scheme!

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Benefits of a two-tone kitchen Two-tone kitchens are a popular kitchen design trend, extremely smart, stylish, and able to satisfy a wide breadth of personal tastes and budgets. A uniform, single-tone kitchen is not for everyone and with such a vast array of finishes available it is inevitable, and also very welcome, that homeowners should […]

The Handleless Kitchen: 10 Reasons Why this Kitchen Style is Standing the Test of Time!

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The Enduring Handleless Kitchen Trend If you’re remodelling your kitchen, you may be considering the handleless kitchen style. This is a trend that has taken the kitchen world by storm over the past decade, becoming a go-to style for kitchen owners and designers alike worldwide! And for good reason! It has a sleek, modern look that many […]

Blue Kitchen Ideas – Choose the kitchen colour that suits everyone!

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Are Blue Kitchens On-Trend? Refreshing, and timeless, blue kitchen tones are particularly favourable within interior design right now, ranging from soft blue pastels to dark moody blues, navy, indigo and petrol tones. Easy to work with and suited to both modern and traditional kitchens of any size, blue kitchen doors are a trend for everyone, […]

How to achieve a designer kitchen look for less

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How do I give my kitchen the wow factor? Are you dreaming of a Designer kitchen but wondering how you can achieve this, and especially without breaking the bank? Well, in the first instance, the best option is to talk to a professional kitchen designer who will have the skill and expertise to create the […]

White kitchens trends- why are all white kitchens always so popular?!

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Is the all-white kitchen going out of style? All-white kitchens make for some of the most stunning kitchen designs possible! Whilst many new kitchen trends come and go, demand for white kitchen doors proves steadfast, popular among both homeowners and designers alike. With much more to the all-white kitchen style than first meets the eye, here […]