Want to know how to choose the best boiling water tap for your new kitchen design? Look no further! Boiling water taps are one of the most popular choices on the market today, providing a convenient and highly efficient way of heating and delivering instant boiling water to your kitchen tap. Modern and stylish, you can even get 3-in-1 models that also dispense sparkling or carbonated beverages too. But with so many different options available, it’s difficult knowing which is right for your needs; so be sure to read our guide below before purchasing your new boiling water tap!

What is a Boiling Water Tap?

A boiling water tap usually works through an electric heater that rapidly heats up water to boiling point, so you have the option to dispense instant hot water through your kitchen tap. Boiling water taps are an extremely efficient way of supplying boiling water to your kitchen and eliminate the need of a kettle or microwave. Most models have a thermally insulated boiler unit located in a cupboard beneath the kitchen sink. Typically, with a 2-litre capacity, cold water is first filtered before entering the boiler for heating, (with a separate feed for the cold water directing it elsewhere after filtering).

Boiling water tap - Quooker- Fusion Round Patinated Brass | MHK Kitchen Experts
Boiling water tap Quooker - Fusion Square Black | MHK Kitchen Experts

Benefits of A Boiling Water Tap

Boiling water taps are mostly used for making instant hot drinks like tea and coffee. They can also be used to heat up baby bottles, heating food in sealed containers, or for speeding up cook times for foods such as pasta, rice, and vegetables. Eliminating the need of a kettle or microwave these stylish taps create a more streamlined aesthetic, and also save on worktop space, which is especially important if space in your kitchen is at a premium. They are easy to use, and most models only require you to place your cup or container underneath the spout of the tap, push down one of the levers until your desired temperature is reached and then wait for the water to heat up.

Are boiling water taps cost effective?

Boiling water taps are also beneficial as they can save you money on your energy bills. If you’re using your boiling water tap every day, it could be more cost effective than buying bottled or canned drinks, especially if you drink certain types of tea that require hot water. And compared with kettles which are generally overfilled every time, boiling water taps are also efficient as you only ever use what you need and there’s no wastage. Quooker claims that their boiling water taps cost only 3p per day to operate on standby, compared with a cost of 2.3p each time you boil one litre of water. If you use your kettle multiple times per day then a boiling water tap is therefore a much more cost-effective option.

Boiling water tap- Fusion Square Black | MHK Kitchen Experts
Boiling water taps Quooker- Fusion Round Patinated Brass | MHK Kitchen Experts

Are boiling water taps safe?

In many ways a boiling water tap is much safer than a more traditional kettle, as being fixed in place it can’t be knocked over, dropped, and there’s no electrical cord attached. You also don’t have to lift it, compared with an often-heavy kettle. But given they dispense boiling water, safety is an important consideration when choosing your preferred model and it’s essential for anyone using a boiling water tap for the first time – whether it’s yourself or a guest in your home – to ensure it is used safely to prevent injury. Reputable brands of boiling water taps offer multiple safety features such as handle locks and safety clips, which is especially important if you have small children or pets.

Will the temperature of the water be hot enough?

Yes, boiling water taps can heat water up to 100°C and so are very similar to using your kettle. However, accounting for loss of heat during the time the water takes to dispense out of the tap and into your cup means often water is dispensed between 98°- 99°C.

Do I need a separate tap for boiling water?

Boiling water taps are available as additional taps that sit neatly alongside your traditional kitchen mixer tap, or else they can be fully integrated so you have one single tap that dispenses everything from one tap: boiling, hot and cold water.


Can you make fizzy drinks with a boiling water tap?

Some models come with carbonation function which is used by adding sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Boilng water tap - Fusion Round Gold | MHK Kitchen Experts
Quooker Fusion Carbon Tap 980X566 1 | MHK Kitchen Experts

What are some of the best boiling water tap brands?

Seeking out reviews is a good place to start in finding the best brand for boiling water taps, but there are several great brands on the market to choose from. A top UK brand is Quooker, which have many features that allow their taps to be highly efficient. A sustainable solution that’s energy efficient and easy to install, a Quooker tap can produce up to 2 gallons of boiling hot water per minute. Depending on the model, the tank can hold enough water for you to use it once per day for about three years before needing replacement. Two of its most useful features are self-closing valves and an anti-scalding system for safety. As a Quooker tap is not connected to your local heating system, it is silent and doesn’t interfere with the existing network. You can set your tap to heat drinking water to whatever temperature you prefer, from 85°C up to 100°C. The Quooker also heats and purifies the water using a natural process so there’s no toxic waste or harmful byproducts. Apart from Quooker, other good brand names to look out for include Grohe, Franke and Insinkerator.

What are the downsides of boiling water taps?

Whilst there are many benefits of choosing a boiling water tap there are also some downsides to consider too. The main negative is, of course the cost of the tap itself, as well as the initial installation costs. Boiling water taps have become more competitively priced in recent years, though at a starting price of approximately £460, they are still significantly more expensive than the cost of a new kettle! In addition, boiling water taps usually requiring a plumber to install, and this means further expense before you can start to see a saving in your future energy bills.

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Classic Nordic Square Single Tap | MHK Kitchen Experts

Make Life Easier!

In summary, Boiling water taps are a convenient way to cook food and prepare beverages. There is an expansive selection of boiling water tap models available on the market that will fit your needs, no matter how big or small they may be. By selecting a quality boiling water tap from a reputable brand you are saying yes to quality, safety, ease of use and stylish design. Don’t miss the opportunity to make life easier for yourself by investing in one today.


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